How to keep your intimate pictures secure A cybersecurity expert gives advice on how to safely store and share your nude photos

How to keep your intimate pictures secure

A cybersecurity expert gives advice on how to safely store and share your nude photos

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Even though keeping your nude photos to yourself is the best way to avoid getting them leaked, this does not stop thousands of people from sharing them regardless. However, understanding how to do so with privacy in mind can reduce harm to a minimum.

“Whether it’s a close person betraying your trust or someone breaking into your photos, distribution of intimate photos without consent is a growing problem that 1 in 12 adults have experienced. Apart from the evident psychological toll, when such photos leak, they can have a huge impact on the victim’s personal and professional life. Therefore, taking the right precautions can play a huge role in reducing harm in the case of a leak,” says Oliver Noble, a cybersecurity expert at NordLocker.
Below, NordLocker’s Oliver Noble gives advice on how to keep your intimate pictures secure and maintain your privacy when sharing them
If you decide to share, do it right
Abstaining from sharing your intimate pictures is the best way to ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands. However, if you decide to do it, do it right.
Make sure to crop out your face and hide other identifying features such as tattoos, piercings, or birthmarks. Be sure to also address the background because anything – from a poster on the wall to your cat on the bed – can reveal your real identity.
From a more technical standpoint, make sure to wipe location data from the photos you want to share. This can be done through the setting in the photos app for specific photos, or if you wish to avoid location data being assigned to your photos altogether, disable your camera app’s access to your location in the device settings.
When it comes to sharing your nudes, the app you use matters a lot. Many of the most popular messaging apps do not have security practices in place that prevent them from being hacked on their way to the recipient. Using encrypted messaging apps such as Telegram guarantees that files or messages you send reach their destination uninterrupted.
Pay attention to where you store your photos
Very often, cloud storage accounts are the weakest link, as millions of online account credentials are leaked every single day, making it extremely easy for anyone to access your intimate photos and leak them to the internet. One way you can prevent your account credentials from being leaked is by using robust passwords that ensure your online accounts are tough to crack.
However, an even more secure solution is to turn off automatic backup so that your nudes have no way of leaving your phone. Both Apple and Google automatically back-up your photos to your other devices and their internal servers. By turning off automatic backups, your private pictures do not leave your phone, so no one with access to your account or access to your other devices can get their hands on your private photos.
Better yet, encrypt your pictures. Encryption software is a very potent tool that keeps your photos secure. It converts your files into a secret code that hides the information's true meaning and makes access impossible for anyone but you.


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